Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbishment


MJE Wheel Repair have developed unique skills in repairing damage done to your alloy wheels. You may think to look at the damage it isn't possible to fix, but we beg to differ. Some of the worst damaged wheels have turned out back to nearly new looking condition, you'll be amazed at what we can do! We have acquired specialised tools and skills specific for the work required, and you can rest assured if it's possible to repair the wheel, MJE are the best people for the job! 

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Aluminium Polishing

polished aluminium

Usually aimed for cosmetic purposes to attain a high mirror like finish, aluminium polishing has a lot more purposes too. Something highly polished is easier to keep clean with it's smooth surface not catching dirt. It also allows better air flow, for instance in an exhaust system or turbo charger; smoother air flow means more efficiency and more fuel economy. Check out our portfolio of Aluminium Polishing to see some examples of where this type of application is used.

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Aluminium Welding

Weld Closeup

Aluminium welding is a totally different skill of welding than normal steel welding. With years of experience in this type of work, MJE have the skills to weld just about anything made from aluminium. From light sheet panels to heavy duty fabrication, we are geared up with the right tools to suit your needs.

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Diamond Cutting

diamond gallery 14

Diamond Cutting is a technique used to produce a machined like finish to your alloy wheels. Precision cutting with a diamond tipped lathe with remove kerbing marks, corrosion and any other imperfections on the cut surface, and also leaving a unique finish only achieved by using this method. This finish is becoming more popular with factory fitted wheels from all major car manufacturers.

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Locknut Removal

lock nuts

Lost the special key for removing the locknuts from your wheels, bought a car with no key with it? We can remove all locknuts from all cars, fast and safe without risk of damage.